Microclean – System (for Semiconductor-Microelectronics)

Semiconductor The 64-system is indeed the most flexible system available for semiconductor clean rooms, including optics and microelectronics. It satisfies the most stringent requirements for strength and air tightness is especially suitable for demanding installations such as research and production facilities, in which frequent alterations to clean rooms are necessary. Construction times and production downtimes are reduced to a minimum due to fast and simple installation. The panels can be a variety materials to suit the specific application.
The 64-system at a glance:

Ideal for semiconductor technologies with the classification 10 to 100,000
Highly flexible
Panels: Material is freely selectable
Simple and fast conversion with minimal downtime
For cleanroom partition and for columns, ventilation or technicals ducting
System with click profiles and gaskets allows easy assembly ans disassembly whilst achieving high airtightness
Very low tolerances due to the usage of aluminium extruded profiles
Horizontal and vertical profiles are fixed by steel connectors which allow fast assembly and disassembly of the partition to significantly reduce mounting time
Due to the fact of easily and rapidly change of the partition in case of incorporating control panels or machines in the partition, shutdown of the cleanroom is minimal

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