ASC cleanrooms Businessprofile

ASC cleanrooms  is highly market-oriented and specifically focused on cleanroom construction in the broadest sense of the word. Of course, customized solutions can also be created.

The ASC cleanrooms philosophy combines involvement, quality and close client-supplier relations with an appropriate price/quality ratio. Long-term experience warrants perfect results

There is an increasing demand for clean and dustfree workrooms, often dictated by the
production process involved such as in the case of microelectronic parts and medicinal drugs,
or when extremely accurate measurements have to be carried out in laboratories.
Operating theatres are another good example. Maintaining the correct conditions (purity of the air, temperature and atmospheric humidity) is essential in such rooms.
That is why building them requires much knowledge and a lot of experience.
You can rely on ASC cleanrooms  even in this special discipline, of course.

Reliability comes first
ASC cleanrooms  has been active in the field of cleanroom walls and ceilings
for over twenty years. This has resulted in technically reliable aesthetic products
that meet the strictest requirements as to air tightness, soundproofing, and safety.
Much attention is also paid to integrated provisions. Low operating expenses and a long service life
make a ASC cleanrooms cleanroom a safe investment in every sense of the word.
The walls and ceilings meet all the requirements for the categories 100,000 to 10
(US Fed. Std.209E / ISO 14644-1).